"Acţiunea acestor remedii este de a ne creşte vibraţiile şi de a ne deschide canalele pentru a recepţiona Sinele Divin; de a umple natura noastră interioară cu acele virtuţi de care avem nevoie si de a elimina din noi defectele care ne dăunează. Remediile sunt capabile să ne înalţe şi să ne aducă mai aproape de spiritul nostru, asemenea muzicii de calitate sau a oricărui lucru măreţ care ne inspiră şi, totodată, să ne aducă pacea interioară şi să ne vindece suferinţele. Remediile tratează fără a ataca direct afecţiunile de care suferim, ci inundând corpul cu vibraţiile Naturii noastre Divine, în prezenţa căreia boala se topeşte precum zăpada la soare." Dr Edward Bach

We've detected that your browser does not support scripting. Scripting must be enabled to use avvo. Turn on scripting and reload this page. Expert advice when you need it most sign in with: sign in register are you a doctor? Legal health research health advice ask a doctor or dentist find a doctor find a dentist write a review health advice lawyers doctors dentists legal advice health advice home  >  research health advice  >  neurology  >  a few years ago i was in a car wreak, my thigh's i have had this numb, b... viagra cheap pills A few years ago i was in a car wreak, my thigh's i have had this numb, burning, like needless stabbing them in both. cheapest viagra prices Can this be flag asked 4 days ago - albemarle, nc burning sensation nerve injury numbness they burn, numbing, stabbing feeling in them, can this be serious? cheap generic viagra Doctors - answer this question (open to new answers for 3 days. Legal buy viagra online ) save tweet doctor answers (1) stephen allen christensen sandpoint family practice doctor contributor level 20 answered october 09, 2012 11:13. viagra repeat prescription Burning in the thighs could be due to several issues, and they may or may not be related to your car accident: meralgia paresthetica is caused by compression of a nerve that passes beneath the inguinal ligament (where your upper thigh joins your lower abdomen). does viagra works women This causes numbness, tingling, or pain along the front and side of the thigh. 20mg viagra cost Sciatica is caused by compression or irritation of the lumbar and sacral nerve roots as they exit your lower spinal column. Degenerative lumbar disc disease and/or lower back arthritis usually contribute to sciatica. How much is viagra at walmart Prior back injuries increase your risk for sciatica. generic viagra Spinal stenosis is caused by narrowing of the bony canal that transmits the nerves to your lower extremities. generic viagra online Like sciatica, spinal stenosis is usually caused by degenerative changes in the lower back, and it is more common in people who have had prior back injuries. buy viagra Peripheral neuropathy, another possible cause of unusual sensations like yours, is caused by damage to the nerves that supply sensation or motor control to your extremities. viagra online drugstore Nutritional disorders, autoimmune diseases, endocrine and metabolic disorders, toxins, medications and a variety of other conditions can cause peripheral neuropathies. I suggest you see your doctor to sort this issue out. cheap viagra He/she may be able to diagnose your problem by asking a few more questions and performing a physical exam, but you might need some tests, as well. generic viagra usa to usa Good luck! buy generic viagra online from canada Mark as helpful comment flag can't find what you're looking for? viagra repeat prescription Ask a doctor or dentist get free answers from experienced doctors and dentists. cheap viagra online   enter your question ask now   add details city and state *all fields required cancel 20,977 answers this week 2,336 professionals answering ask a doctor or dentist get answers from top-rated doctors and dentists. buying viagra It's free it's easy it's anonymous ask a doctor or dentist 20,977 answers this week 2,336 professionals. viagra repeat prescription
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